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Proliver expands and recruits

Proliver is going to invest an additional 8 million euros at its site in Olen. The producer of high-quality chicken protein powders and broths boosts its capacity considerably. The production areas, warehouses and offices will be expanded. Moreover, there is also the installation of an additional 20 meter high spray dryer.


“The size of this investment emphasizes our ambition to respond to the rapid growth in demand from our customers. Such as the production of insect proteins for sports nutrition that should start in 2020. ”says Pascal Verbinnen, owner and CEO of Proliver.


“Proliver mainly extracts clean label natural ingredients from chicken and turkey for the food industry. This is a high-tech process based on enzymatic hydrolysis in which the nutritional value of the proteins and peptides remains intact. These protein boosters and functional proteins are then used in the food industry to replace a large number of synthetic ingredients that are nowadays less and less accepted by consumers and the food industry, ”says Pascal Verbinnen.


Increasing capacity also leads to an increase in the number of production teams. And that creates additional employment. For example, today Proliver is already looking for 1 full-time industrial engineer and 3 additional operators within the three-shift system.

At the moment, the expansion works are in full preparation to achieve a nearly doubling of production capacity by 2020.

Proliver was founded in 2010 and exports its protein, meat and broth powders for the food industry worldwide. The developed production process aims to provide an answer to the global protein shortage by pursuing a zero waste policy.

Recently, new proteins for premium pet food were added to the range.