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Proliver chicken-based ingredients at the Petfood Forum

Pet owners want nothing but the best for their furry companions, and that's why Proliver is excited to showcase its premium chicken-based ingredients at the upcoming Petfood Forum in Kansas City, Missouri. From May 1-3, Proliver will be at booth 1808, sharing its expertise on how its high-tech facilities and nutritional expertise can help improve the digestibility and overall nutrition of pet food.


A unique approach to producing premium pet food ingredients


Proliver is a leading manufacturer of functional and nutritional ingredients based on chicken and poultry proteins. Its high-tech production facilities convert chicken parts into hydrolyzed protein powders, intended as a flavoring or protein source. Proliver's unique approach to producing premium chicken protein and hydrolysates, liver, meat, and broth powders has led to significant improvements in pet food nutrition, palatability, and digestibility.


Time to broaden your pet food offerings


The company's presence at the Petfood Forum provides an opportunity for pet owners, retailers, and manufacturers to learn more about the benefits of incorporating Proliver's chicken-based ingredients into their pet's diet. Whether you're looking for a new high-quality protein source to offer to your customers or a way to broaden your pet food offerings with ingredients that are bulging with palatability and nutritional value, Proliver has the solution for you.


Get to know our innovative approach


Proliver's team of experts will be available at the Petfood Forum in Kansas City (May 1-3) at booth 1808 to answer any questions you may have and to discuss how their chicken-based pet food ingredients can benefit the pets of your customers. Don't miss this chance to learn more about Proliver's innovative approach to pet food ingredients and how these can improve the life of pets.


Visit Proliver at the Petfood Forum at booth 1808


Come find us in Kansas

From the first until the third of May 2023, you can find us in Kansas city Convention Center Petfood Fair. Unless this short trip makes you chicken out, come say hi.


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