Human grade production

Every ingredient in the Proliver products are human-grade ingredients.

FSSC certified

Proliver is FSSC certified to minimize food safety hazards. This means that all of our products are safe and comply with all guidelines concerning food safety.


100% natural

Our state of the art production facility is engineered in order to obtain the highest quality proteins and fat. No other ingredients or taste enhancers are used.

100% freshness

The Proliver concept makes us unique in the world as we process meat into high quality proteins and fat within 24 hours after slaughtering. Only EU-approved meat is used and strict quality control guarantees functional, nutritional and savory aspects of the incoming raw material.

100% traceability

Since only chicken or turkey raw materials are used in the plant, there is absolutely no contamination possible by other species. We guarantee 100% traceability and 100% DNA purity and provide Halal certification on our final products.


Proliver production methods respect the environment. At every stage of the process we have invested in highly energy efficient technologies. Synergy with adjacent companies allows for communal waste water treatment and heat recovery systems. Due to our advanced processing techniques, by-products are minimized and valorized in high end applications.

Halal certified

All of our products are Halal certified, meaning that they are permissible under Islamic law. Therefore, our products can be consumed by Muslims.