With PROMAXED™, PROLIVER introduces multifunctional chicken proteins, with proven benefits for the poultry meat industry. PROMAXED™ offers highly advanced protein powders, which can be used as a protein booster or as a binding ingredient. The PROMAXED™ proteins are used in a wide range of processed meat applications for different poultry-based products:

  • fresh injected, tumbled and marinated
  • cooked and emulsified

With PROSENSO™, PROLIVER is expanding its expertise in natural chicken flavors. PROSENSO™ offers premium natural chicken broths that bring a delicious savory chicken note to different culinary applications, such as:

  • soups, instant noodles
  • sauces, marinades and prepared meals
  • liquid bouillons and bouillon cubes
  • savory snacks
  • processed meat

With their proven nutritional benefits, the hydrolyzed isolates are an excellent ingredient for sports and health nutrition. They contain 90% protein and deliver all of the essential amino acids, being high in BCAA's. They are 100% soluble in water, low in taste, highly digestible and thus very suitable for use in protein shakes and drinks, tablets or capsules. With HydroCHX™ and MyoCHX™ these chicken protein isolates are worldwide the exclusive and commercial property of EMP - Essentia Metabolic Proteins.

Partner in poultry protein solutions

PROLIVER manufactures a complete range of natural chicken proteins. Its innovative technology converts fresh chicken or turkey parts into multifunctional, flavorful and nutritional protein products. The highly soluble or functional proteins and broths are available as spray-dried powder or as liquid concentrates. With PROMAXED™ PROLIVER offers various solutions for the meat processing industry. The PROSENSO™ line focuses more on savory applications. The latest innovation are the chicken protein isolates for sports and health nutrition.

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